We are one of the most consistent and well reputed bulk wine brokers in Australia. Our network of suppliers has been established over many years of mutually beneficial trade and our ongoing partnerships with domestic and international buyers ensures we’re ‘always in the market’. We specialise in localised, regional parcels, utilising the resources of our winemakers to deliver finished, bottle ready product to the highest specification.



Our Winemakers have a wealth of broad ranging experience throughout both Australia and many parts of the world. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of current market dynamics and potential future trends, and work closely with our customers to ensure our winemaking partnerships reflects both these and any specific shorter term needs. We offer both spot and ongoing services, including but not limited to the following;

  • Fruit to bottle pathways
  • Pre-harvest fruit assessment
  • Picking times and method
  • Wine spec’s and Fermentation management
  • Oak selection
  • Wine blending and finishing
  • Bottling
  • New product development
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Wine show strategies.



We specialise in working with growers and winemakers to maximise the quality and return from their vineyards, ensuring fruit is grown in accordance with a well considered, market relevant plan and subsequent outcomes quantified. With extensive experience in Australia and New Zealand, working with everyone from Public Listed to small family growers, our technical knowledge and practical experience is evident in all our applications whilst also giving us the confidence to explore and embrace new innovations and concepts. Our viticultural services include:

  • New plantings and clonal selection
  • Pruning plans
  • Irrigation setup and management
  • Weed and Pest Control, including using Organic and Biodynamic principals
  • Spray Programs
  • Crop estimates
  • Harvest times and techniques
  • Day-to-day vineyard management
  • Long term growing strategies and management plans
  • Vine and trellising restoration/recalibration.


Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Manager - Wine Supply T: 0414 959 066

Over the last 15 years Matt has worked extensively in the Australian Wine Industry, having held various roles in Production, Marketing and Key Account Management. His previous position as Wine Supply Manager at Fuse Wine Services had him oversee more than 3m litres of bulk wine procurement p.a, ensuring each parcel was sourced and styled to specifically meet stringent customer expectation. Especially well connected amongst the ‘smaller guys’ Matt loves nothing more than working where ‘others wouldn’t bother’, and he is well established and highly trusted figure within the Australian Bulk Wine trade. Well known for uncovering a regular supply of hidden gems from all regions within Australia, and doing a serious amount of kms each year in the process.


Matt Koch

Manager - Winemaking T: 0407 289 813

With over 25 years experience in winemaking for some of Australia’s largest wine groups, Matt is widely regarded as one of the finest and most experienced winemakers in the land. Particularly interested in maximising the potential and therefore value of individual parcels for his clients, Matt has an enviable CV which includes a Jimmy Watson Trophy, 2 Bushing King’s and over 100 Trophies from around the world. Having recently launched his own brand, Matt is well versed in all aspects of production and wine logistics adding an additional layer to an already rock solid foundation.


Mark Kenneally

Manager - Viticulture T: 0437 884 144

An accomplished viticulturist with wide ranging experience in a number of key wine regions throughout Australia and New Zealand, Mark’s rare combination of advanced technical knowledge and hands on practical know- how ensures he is a relevant and hard working partner in his clients grape growing pursuits. Having established his own successful wine label, he understands the importance of growing fruit to well considered plans and is especially interested in maximising the potential of individual sites, and seeing the rewards come to life in a bottle.


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